(Укр) Франшиза мережі “Burek”

Initial investment

from 20 000$

Payback period

9 - 12 months


from 6th month

Our history began in 2018 with the first institution in Lviv as a grand plan to reform people’s thinking about chebureks.

At this time, we have already opened 7 cozy locations in different parts of Lviv and are open to expansion of our chain through franchise agreements.

Why Burek is a successful case for the franchise:

Working with a monoproduct

Not too wide range of dishes helps us to focus on developing the perfect product, and for business it provides a constant product turnover and a minimum percentage of write-offs.

Write-offs 1%

Verified Business Model

We have developed and tested a business model and taken into account all details related to suppliers and consumers.

Profitability up to 20%


Our experience will help you use only proven methods of work. And the more experience - the less risk.

Experience 3 years

Average monthly growth in the number of orders - 10%

Check the presentation

Key benefits

Modern website

We launch a fully working site, constantly maintain and update it

Convenient mobile version of the site

70% of customers order from mobile devices, so we took care of the convenience of ordering from phones.

Online and offline advertising

Everything has already been tested and configured. We launch the most effective promotion models

Personnel training

During 3 years thousands of people came to us for various vacancies. We have experience to share with


Professional operators quickly serve a large number of customers from all cities and industries

Working system

All orders are placed through the CRM-system and in a convenient format are transferred to the administrator of the institution

успішної роботи

Понад 100 000 задоволених клієнтів

Burek Franchize

Burek - its...

Your possibility to gain from $2000 per month